Nupafeed® CALMdog® dog calming supplement  can be introduced to the dogs’ diet by adding directly to the normal feeding routine or administer directly into the mouth. The compound is totally safe and allows the level to be adjusted, enabling owners to find a level that suits each individual animal. Ideal for all working dogs and those taking part in competition as well as all types of stressed dogs.

CALMdog® canine magnesium supplement - to help canine with stress and anxiety

Our dogs (our loyal friends) usually try to do their best to please us, they give unconditional love, but we have to remember they are like us;  they feel differently from day to day. Just like us, they experience emotions and, unfortunately, can suffer from stress. So, how do you know when your dog is feeling stressed and when they need help?

A few stress indicators to watch out for in the dog’s body language could range from:
• Posture – hugging or dropping to the floor
• Abnormal tail movement
• Shaking and trembling
• Lack of movement
• Constant pacing
• Flat in posture and mentality
• Abnormal amount of squeaking, whining, or barking
• Chewing and or scratching excessively on legs, paws, and tail

“We have a Wheaten Terrier who suffered from separation anxiety. She constantly chewed on her paw and legs. Her skin was very red and raw. After many visits to the vet and nothing seemed to work, a friend suggested the CALMdog® canine magnesium supplement . It's nothing short of a miracle. After 1½ weeks she stopped biting and scratching and the redness started fading. Her hair is growing back and she is a happy dog again. Thanks, I have recommended CalmDog® canine magnesium supplement product to many of my friends and relatives.” Mackenzie M.

Nupafeed® formulated CALMdog® for the stressed dog. CALMdog® is a feed supplement that is not challenged by other supplements because it does not contain sedatives, valerian or herbs, the main ingredient is MAGNESIUM.

The NUPAFEED® products for dogs are: CALMdog®, canine magnesium supplement - to help canine  with stress and anxiety; FLEXdog® canine joint supplement - to help maintain canine joint health and GOdog®, canine muscle building supplement - to help improve strength and fitness in working or competitive dogs.


  •  Recommended by vets, trainers & physiotherapists

  •  Tailor made advice to ensure the best results





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1ml or 1 tablet of Nupafeed® CALMdog® contains 0.65g MAH® , 0.0645g Magnesium

MAH® is tolerated very well but as with other forms of magnesium can have a mild laxative effect. This is why we recommended that dogs start with a half amount and gradually increase the amount; the gut adjusts easily and loose stools are very rarely a problem even with much higher feeding levels.

The feeding level can be freely adjusted to suit requirement. Because MAH® does not alter blood pH, even at high feeding levels, it does not increase urinal pH and is therefore not a risk factor for infection and stone formation.

A vet will be well aware of contraindications but it is always best to state them anyway: A history of struvite stones. Vomiting or diarrhea. Caution and veterinary supervision is required if any kidney insufficiency is suspected. The only established interactions for magnesium aspartate hydrochloride are with tetracycline (antibiotics) and sodium fluoride preparations.

There are U.S. vets who have approved of this product for dogs with stress related anxiety behavior. If your dog is under a vet's care, please check with him first. If the dog's magnesium level is low, this product would be beneficial.


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